MASTER TUTORIAL : How to speed Windows 7 machine - Episode 1

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MASTER TUTORIAL : How to speed Windows 7 machine - Episode 1

Post  Windows7geek100 on Fri Aug 13, 2010 12:30 pm

Video Description :

This is episode one of series of master tutorials which will help you how to speed up your Windows 7 machine.

You can leave following options enabled :

- Enable Aero Peek (If you want to use Aero Peek feature)
- Enable desktop composition (If you want to use Windows Aero theme)
- Enable transparent glass (If you want to use transparency in Windows)
- Show thumbnails instead of icons (If you want to show thumbnails in Explorer)
- Show window contents while dragging (If you want windows to show contents while moving them)
- Smooth edges of screen fonts (If you want to show smooth fonts)
- Use drop shadows for icon labels on the desktop (If you want to show shadows under desktop icon labels)
- Use visual styles on windows and buttons (If you want to use Windows Aero or Basic theme)

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